Chill and make yourself at home!
All necessary furniture
Good atmosphere to study
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Chill and make yourself at home!
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All necessary furniture
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Good atmosphere to study
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New friends




25 €/day

Yes, you read it right. From now on you can rent accommodations for just one night. The offer is valid until 31 August 2023.
Self-check inn will be offered for you, so wouldn’t depend on our employees. After booking your accommodation, you will receive a code which will open the door. Jump in for this opportunity to discover Kaunas or Vilnius!
PRICES: 25 € per day; 180 € per week; 400 € per month.

Students Home

Welcome to our accommodation services for international and Erasmus students in Kaunas and Vilnius! Our goal is to provide comfortable and affordable rooms for international students who are coming to study. All of our rooms are furnished with the essentials, including a bed, table and closet.


We understand the challenges that students face when searching for a suitable place to live, especially if you are coming to a new city for the first time. That is why:

We take pride in offering a simple solution that takes the trouble out of the accommodation search process.

Whether you are coming to Kaunas or Vilnius for a semester or a full academic year, we have the perfect room for you.

Our accommodation services are tailored to meet the needs of students and make your stay in Lithuania, a memorable one.

We do not have an administrative fee, so it is easier to lease an apartment of your liking.


Our rooms are designed to provide a comfortable and homely environment, ensuring students can rest and study in peace. We offer shared accommodation options with a communal bathroom and kitchen area for cost-saving purposes. For your convenience, our bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned once a week by our dedicated cleaners.

Our accommodation services are exclusively available to international and Erasmus students, giving you peace of mind knowing you will be living alongside your peers. We believe that the international student community is all about collaboration, learning, and making new friends from different cultures.



Our residents are mostly international and ERASMUS students.

We organize inspections both live and online at a time convenient for you. So, we agree on a suitable date and time for you and we will give you the opportunity to view your future home.

We can sell you a new bedding set. The price is EUR 60/set.

This includes charges for gas, electricity, water usage, Wi-Fi, housekeeping services in common areas, and housekeeping services in case of breakdown.

Our company does not request administrative fees, but we ask for 1 month’s rent and 1 month’s deposit from the future tenant.

Everything takes place online: You send us your personal data, and we draw up a contract, which you sign and email us back. Everything is simple, fast and convenient.

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